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Welcome to OLK's Altfic Database. This is a database of links to sites hosting fan-fiction or links to individual stories that are classified as femslash, altfic or f/f. (If you don't know what these terms mean then you might like to visit the OLKfiki fanfictionary).

Please add links to the collection but note that all additions/modifications are validated before being updated so links to non-relevant or spam sites will be screened out.

Use the popular pairing categories for links to specific stories or sites that are devoted to that pairing. Use the 'Other' category if no relevant category exists.


Alias (1)
A very cool show with the very cool Sydney Bristow.
All My Children (9)
American day time soap with an allegedly lesbian character. Not much action though for the poor girl. Lots of fanfic however where she gets lots of action!
Anime (12)
Fanfiction based on Anime and Manga
BTVS (52)
Kick ass show
Babylon 5 (11)
Wonderful Sci-fi show from the nineties. The secondary characters of G'Kar and Londo Mollari were brilliantly written and acted - Season 2 especially was great and at times heart-rending television. And of course there was Ivanova and Talia for the subtext hos amongst us.
Bad Girls (7)
British prison drama with lots of lesbians and lots of er... drama. Not great TV but good fun and a source for a lot of good fanfiction.
Battlestar Galactica (5)
(The remake - not the original seventies TV show - you'd need some real imagination to produce femslash from that!) However the new version is a great SciFi show and it has numerous great female characters and hence subtext possibilities.
Birds Of Prey (5)
Short-lived but very slashy series set in Gotham City
CSI (6)
The Crime Scene Investigation franchise with endless spin offs. Source of many femslash pairings and crossovers
Charlies Angels (3)
Femslash about Charlie's Angels - TV or movies
Charmed (2)
It's the buffy-alikes but not. Quite a popular show.
Cold Case (2)
Strange sort of concept for a weekly show and they make it look so easy, cracking twenty year old crimes every week. Lilly Rush is a cute hero though. Fanfiction is nearly always in the form of a crossover.
Comics (1)
Fanfiction around female characters in comics
Desperate Housewives (2)
Hit TV show with great female characters. All Very Slashable.
ER (9)
Great and long-running American TV series set in a busy hospital Emergency Department with some actual lesbian relationships as well as many other nice subtexty ones.
Farscape (7)
Altfic/femslash sites for the dearly missed Farscape
Fastlane (1)
Hopefully someone can tell me more about this show.
Firefly (4)
This was a short-lived but very classy scifi show from Joss Whedon which crosses outer space with the wild west. Good opportunities for slash and learning a little chinese!.
Gargoyles (2)
Umm... Another show that I know nothing about
Highlander (2)
Often used in crossover fics.
Hospital Central (4)
Spanish hospital soap with a long-running and charming lesbian couple: Esther and Maca
Law And Order (9)
Police and court procedural dramas. Lots of very intense and intelligent fanfiction. A lot of cross-overs with the CSI franchise
Movies (2)
Fanfiction based on movies
Multi-fandom (20)
Sites holding femslash from many different fandoms
NCIS (1)
No comment - because I haven't seen it but here seems to be a bit of f//f out there for this show.
Other (4)
This is the place to add sites/fics if there is no other category. (There'll be trouble if a great new slashy show comes along called 'Other' but we'll have to worry about that when it happens!) Categories for shows not currently represented will be added when links are provided so don't worry if the category doesn't exist - just add the link here.
Popular (5)
A strange and wonderful teen show. Lots of subtext, a huge following for Brooke/Sam slash but there are many other possible combinations.
Raven (1)
Umm I don't know anything about this...
Roswell (2)
A smallish fandom but some f/f.
Star Trek (12)
Sites including altfic for all series of Star Trek. Voyager only sites are included in the Star Trek Voyager list.
Star Trek Voyager (66)
Altfic specifically relating to Star Trek Voyager
Stargate SG1 (22)
Very likeable sci-fi show and it has the immortal Sam/Janet pairing
The L Word (12)
American cable TV show with lesbians, lots of them - yes this is the real deal. And they are not your mother's lesbians? Glamour, fun, sex, love and drama - that was series one. Since then it's been downhill and fans are having to get used to watching their heroes suffer and do they suffer!
X-files (10)
Scully slash - a minor industry. No more need be said. Lots of cross-overs, lots of weird and creepy plots.
X-men (2)
Some f/f pairings.
Xena Warrior Princess (30)
Xena and Gabrielle! Oh yeah! The grandmothers of femslash and subtext. Huge number of sites and fics even though the series has long been over. Extremely popular pairing from XWP. Millions of sites and stories (and that is probably only a slight exaggeration.)

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